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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 16, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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it's so surreal to see this happening to you. >> the videos were crucial. >> reporter: brennan had been under surveillance since thursday, since his interest piqued the interest of a patrol sergeant. >> he's a registered arsonist. >> it's good since the -- he won't be committing anymore of these fires. >> reporter: a family was among those targeted in the arson spree. they barely made it out of their burning home saturday morning. >> this whole thing has been a nightmare. we're in a situation where one day we have a house, the next day we don't. >> reporter: they hope the nightmare is over. the suspect should be arraigned about 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. he is in jail tonight on $1 million bail. no one is ruling out the possibility of the suspect facing more charges, perhaps
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even attempted murder. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> sit a big story. thank you. let's bring in marianne favro. what's brennan's story? >> reporter: neighbors say that patrick brennan moved into this mobile home park you see behind me just a few months ago. they said he had no idea that he was the suspect. the entire city had been looking for him. but they tell me now that he's been arrested it seems to make sense. just a few yards from this mobile home park is a church that he is accused of setting on fire. patrick brennan, the man now accused of set thing san jose warehouse fire and at least a dozen others, is an experienced arsonist. in 1995, he was convicted of setting fires in the grand canyon. san jose police also linked him with fires in santa clara county in 1999. and campbell police confirmed
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while he lived in campbell from 1995 to 1999, he was on the state's arson registry. for the past few months, 48-year-old brennan has lived in this small trailer in san jose. police found him and took him in for questioning last night before eventually arresting him. his neighbors say they're relieved. >> i was really scared and i heard from other people what had happened and i said oh, my god, i never knew he lived so close. and all this fire happened so close to our house. >> reporter: his current home is just a few yards from this church, which he's now accused of setting on fire. neighbors describe brennan as a loner, a chain smoker who often carried a police scanner. >> didn't talk to anybody. he went about his business and we would go about ours. >> reporter: in addition to prior arson convictions, he's also a registered sex offender. he was convicted of sexual
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assault with intent to commit a sex offense. neighbors here say they're just relieved to know a suspect is behind bars and say if he is the arsonist, they're grad he didn't strike in the mobile home park. when somebody is on the state arson registry, they remain on it for life. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> this was a tense several days for thousands of residents. the mayor issuing this statement today -- our coverage continues online at we posted a portion of today's news coverage where police detailed the evidence that led to this arrest. following breaking news out of southern california where a
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wildfire is burning in the san gabriel mountains. it's putting out a lot of smoke. investigators arrested three men for recklessly starting a campfire. the flames have destroyed several homes and vehicles. at least one perp has been hurt. nearly 2,000 homes have been evacuated with little warning. >> we all ran and got our cameras and started taking pictures. the next thing we knew, the flames were coming down. and it only happened, what, in a few minutes and it was everywhere, all around us. >> it spread fast. some hopeful news. we have learned that firefighters believe they are getting the upper hand on this fire. this fire has sent out a giant cloud of smoke and ash over the los angeles area. fire crews respect the only ones who have their hands full. we are in a serious drought here. 90% of our state is dry. the summer-like weather is a major concern.
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this is san rafael, clear, beautiful skies. unfortunately, it's not what we want to see this time of the year. rob mayeda is tracking our dry conditions, but we begin with stephanie trong. >> reporter: march, 2012, the rain came after some days and locals called it miracle march. it appears that the north bay needs another miracle. in the meantime, the water district is pumping water from phoenix lake reservoir. the plan is to pump 65 million gallons to serve most of the county. however, reservoirs in the area are only 55% of normal. if there isn't a big change soon, we could be looking atwater rationing by late march. today, one resident recalled the
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'76 drought and the water rationing that followed. >> it was very dry. they put across a pipe across the bridge. quit watering your garden and washing your car. >> reporter: the worst case scenario includes severe water rationing plans. but it may tap into the second reserve reservoir. that hasn't been done since the early '90s. there are the rebates available for people who buy the high efficiency systems from toilets to washers. and the counties have kicked off their awareness ad campaign, drought on, water off to remind people to conserve. but it usually kicks off in the summertime. stephanie troung, nbc bay area news. >> let's bring in meteorologist
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rob mayeda for a look at how severe the drought is. things seem to be getting worse. >> the drought did get upgraded here in the last 24 to 36 hours. the entire bay area, all counties now seeing an extreme drought type scenario. this is an upgrade from what has been a severe drought to now we're looking at major crop and pasture losses. so now level three extreme. so if things stay as dry as they are now, that could upgrade. this is typically the with theest -- the wettest month of the year. it does not look like we're going to see any beneficial rain coming soon. the wall of high pressure across the west coast, holding off any moisture. so instead of winter storm warnings, we have red flag warnings. southern california, most of it
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under a red flag warning and more south of monterey. so coming up, we'll let you know if we're expecting any cabin change. because of this drought, the u.s. department of agriculture designated three bay area counties primary natural disaster areas. they are alameda, cop a costa and santa clara counties. >> >> new at 5:00, do these faces look familiar? a muni bus was vanldalized a at a red light. san francisco police releasing these france photos today. they hope someone can identify these people that were standing next to a bus last month. they're part of a large crowd who surrounded the bus, shattered several windows, and tagged that bus with graffiti. a 15-year-old is recovering at a san jose burn center after what police are calling a freak accident.
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the teach got gasoline on his shirt while helping a stranded driver. the driver gave the teen a ride to b.a.r.t. on the way, the teen lit a cigarette, which lit his shirt on fire. he jumped out and ripped his shirt off, but left with significant burns to his hands, arms and chest. just ahead here at 5:00, a new development in the saga of a puppy who ended up in the trash. what's going to happen in just a few minutes? also -- >> my dream came true after 18 years. >> it's an inspirational story with an unexpected ending. the search for a man who saved this bay area woman's life. also -- >> live at century link field in seattle, washington. the nfc championship game is now just four days away, and the san francisco 49ers will have to deal with the 12th man along with the seahawks. more from what could be the loudest stadium in the country
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coming up. then tonight at 6:00, beware of biting dogs. >> it's not the dog, it's the people. >> the unique problem and a famous bay area neighborhood. that's new at 6:00.
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getting closer to gametime. the 49ers' quest for a sixth super bowl title. both the niners and seahawks continue to prepare for the nfc title game, while fans continue to dissect their team's chances. andrea joins us live from seattle, enemy territory, with more on how the seahawks are getting ready for sunday's game. >> reporter: yeah, it's probably going to be pretty loud here on sunday. you know, they've each recorded seismic activity when the seahawks have played here. and coach pete carroll was telling me that when he stands on the field on game day, he's
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so impressed with the 12th man and the atmosphere. >> here's what i'm come to think of this as. you couldn't pick a better venue to play a championship game. i mean, anywhere that i can each imagine than right here at century link. they're something really unique and special. whether it's the stadium, whether it's the crazy people in the northwest, whether it's the gray skies that makes them want to come out and scream, i don't know what it is. but it's unique and special that we have that you can't ignore it and you can't say that it doesn't factor in, it does. so we're extraordinarily fortunate that we have the fan base that we have. >> reporter: now, i was talking to the architect of the stadium today. he was telling me that he focused on directing the seats towards the field so the noise goes towards the field. and the awnings, he says there are no noise absorbing material like maybe on a roof in a dome.
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so all of the noise goes right to the field and creates the atmosphere at century link field. >> thank you. keep in mind, pete carroll, one of us, a bay area product. went to redwood high school. yesterday, the big buzz was jim harbaugh's khakis. today, he talked about what he's most proud of this season. >> the thing i'm most proud of is being part of a great team. i think every human being has a desire to be a part of something that's bigger than themselves, and, you know, be a part of a team effort where people are striving to do something great and to have found that, to be a part of that team, to me is -- can't tell you how special that is and how much that means to me. >> that was coach today trying to improve his relationship with the media. join us saturday night for a 49ers special.
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we'll break down the matchup and be joined by our nfl insiders. that's this saturday night at 6:30 right here on nbc bay area. tonight's bay area proud is about a personal quest sparked by a world changing event. >> that event, the vietnam war. garvin thomas is here with the story of a san jose woman and her decades long journey. >> this is technically a followup to a story i did four years ago. if that sounds like a long time, it's not, considering how long she's been looking for answers, ones that she just recently found. a single picture has the power we all know to tell the story of a moment in time. but put two together and you just might see the story of an entire lifetime, with these two, kim's lifetime. >> when i think about all the way from the beginning, it seems like, just eons ago.
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>> reporter: the first photo is of her and her relatives in saigon in 1975. not long before the city fell, and kim, without her mother, would be among the last to flee. she was adopted by a family in florida. her childhood years spent desperately not wanting to be different. but her hair, skin, her eyes made that job impossible. >> it was really hard on me growing up, because i just dreaded talking about where i was born. >> reporter: it all changed, though, one night in 1992, when kim set in a broadway theater with her now husband peter. it was the story of war tearing apart mother and child, stirred something inside kim. >> as soon as the play was over, i remember telling peter, who was my boyfriend at the time, we need to go back to vietnam. it's time. >> reporter: two years later, following a hand written map, kim found her family and began
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unearthing her story. she learned her mother was supposed to escape with her, but went first to say goodbye to relatives and missed the flight. she died six years later in a refugee camp, one day before she was to emigrate to the united states. it was then kim also first heard the name jim smith. the american kim was told was instrumental in getting her on that plane that got her out of the country. but who jim smith was, why he did what he did, and what became of him remained a mystery. for 18 years, kim and her husband searched for jim smith following dozens of promising leads, always coming up empty. until that is, kim's adoptive father found a dusty folder in an attic. >> on this page -- >> reporter: with an address that proved to be the clue to a grave site in florida where jim
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smith has buried. >> my dream came true of trying to find mr. smith, finding jim smith. >> reporter: kim learned that jim smith was a civilian contractor in vietnam. her mother, his housecleaner. they actually lived in his apartment. the one with the balcony on which this picture was taken, the one kim was able to return to recently with her son. but not all successful searches are satisfying ones. kim wanted to find jim smith's relatives to thank them and learn more about the man. but jim's one son, for reasons not clear, has declined to meet with kim. still, kim is happy to have learned what she did. for one can't know how long a journey has been unless they know where it started. >> one interesting outcome of kim sharing her story is that textbooks and study guides on
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immigration have used her as the example of american immigration following the war. so her story has helped others, particularly dealing what it's like to be an immigrant in america. >> it's a wonderful story. >> thanks, garvin. let's check in with rob mayeda today. he's got our forecast. >> and the forecast very interesting today, as we look at some of the record highs we absolutely smashed around parts of the bay area today. 78 degrees in oakland. the old record was 72. we tied records in san jose and monterey. look at san francisco, 72 degrees. pretty much every corner in the bay area climbing in the mid to upper 70s. after a warm day like today, numbers still holding on pretty nice this evening. mid 60s around the peninsula. 68 in san jose right now. east bay, you can see that you've got those clear skies out there.
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nice silhouetted sunset view. no fog and moisture. that is the big story as we go through the next seven days. you can see the forecast. temperatures not changing a whole lot. we're going to see mild temperatures as we move through the weekend. right now, some of the warmer locations include concord at 68. half moon bay at 72. the reason why you're seeing the warmest temperatures right there at the coast is that the wind direction continues to be an offshore wind, where the air is being come messe ee emessed, pu to sea level. very likely now things have set up that it may just be dry through the end of the month. as you can see here on the wide angle view, high pressure holding its ground. so in this scenario, this high acts like a wall. storm systems will barely clip seattle. that high holds its position,
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long-term forecasts for our future cast shows that the rainfall is really not going to come towards the bay area. we go through the weekend, the rain producing clouds staying way off to the north. best chance for maybe seeing some showers is this weak system next thursday, but it is weakening rapidly as it smashes into that ridge of high pressure over the bay area. tomorrow, highs may not be as high as today, but still low 70s. redwood city, close to 72. san francisco again near 70 degrees. santa rosa up to 70. the try valley with numbers in the 70s. winter is on hold. the weekend forecast up in the pacific forecast for the 49ers game, we'll call for a lucky, we hope, 49 degree temperature for that game as we're looking at temperatures staying in the 40s as we go through the game. back over to you.
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>> thanks so much, rob. still ahead, a bumpy road to sochi for one of the team usa's most recognizable athletes. what this crash means for snowboarder shaun white.
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just a few minutes from now, two san francisco workers who staved an injured puppy will be honored by city leaders. they found this 10-week-old puppy on a conveyer belt last month. she had been thrown away in a truckload of bottles, cans. so far authorities have not been able to track down the owner. now to the countdown to sochi. one of the most popular athletes in the winter games took a hard
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tumble in a qualifying event today in southern california. shaun white is trying to nab a spot for a olympic event called slope style but crashed right here. fortunately he's okay. white has yet to qualify for the halfpipe event, which he won two back-to-back olympic gold medals. he will be competing again this weekend and may get an automatic spot even if he doesn't qualify in this round. we've got great news about another snowboarder. today, jamie anderson clinched an olympic spot for snowboarding. >> i went to vancouver, but it's totally different when you're an athlete, representing my country and having my family there. it's unbelievable. >> the 23-year-old is a two-time reigning x-games champion for this event and a gold medal contender in sochi. we continue our olympic coverage on our website. if you want olympic news directly, you can sign up for
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our sochi news letter. just scroll down and leave your e-mail address at >> very good option. up next, have you seen any of the movies? we'll show you the oscar nominees.
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hollywood was up at dawn today to hear who made the cut and received an oscar nomination. >> amy adams in "american hustle.
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"cate blanchett. sandra bullock and meryl streep. >> that is actor chris holmswithreading the nominations. "12 years as a slave" has nine nominations. >> i've only seen one of those movies. >> i've seen one, too. >> here's what we're working on for 6:00. driving while googling. a california woman learns her fate after caught getting a ticket driving wearing google glass. that's tonight on our 6:00 news cast. >> and quickly, we need some rain but more sunny skies ahead? >> it's a guilty pleasure outside. when you have 70s, it's nice, but we could use the rain or the snow in the sierra. but that view tells the story, no marine air, no moisture.
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could break more highs tomorrow. >> we'll see you again at 6:00. up next, brian williams with "nightly news." on the broadcast tonight, state of emergency in southern california as an out-of-control wildfire explodes, burning homes in its path. tonight it threatens entire residential neighborhoods. demanding answers. tonight the subpoenas are flying in the investigation surrounding chris christie. we'll have the very latest. at the controls of america's nuclear arsenal with a new scandal on their hands, we go underground to the bunker where they have their fingers on the trigger. and trading places. when children become caregivers for their aging parents. tonight, dr. nancy snyderman shares a very personal story for all families. >> plus, a new warning for pregnant women about that tainted water. "nightly news" begins now.


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